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The International Church of Monrovia (ICM ) is situated on the ELWA campus, in Paynesville, Liberia.   ICM has served the ELWA community since the 1960s and is one of more than 100 churches that comprise the Evangelical Churches of Liberia (ECOL) under the leadership of Pastor Moses Paye.   ECOL and ICM have long felt the need to expand its ministries to include the ability to hold training conferences, weddings and funerals, and large ECOL conferences, and to have a community center.

Along with the leadership of ECOL, ICM began carefully planning for the construction of a new sanctuary in 2014.  The budget for the new structure was originally $130,000, but the staff believes that it can complete this sanctuary at a cost of $65,000 to make it functional.  This new building will serve as a new sanctuary for ICM and as a meeting place for ECOL churches.   Construction was initiated on May 26, 2015.    The church takes collections from its congregation 3 times a month.  For 2016 year, a total of $5,600 was budgeted toward construction.  As of late in 2016, the church had raised about $18,000 for this project.

The EMA Board become aware of the strong need for the new sanctuary late in early 2017 and applied for a grant from the Mustard Seed Foundation (MSF).  MSF is a Christian foundation with strong roots in Seattle-Bellingham area of Washington State.  In June 2017 MSF awarded a matching grant of $11,000 for the completion of the sanctuary roof with the condition that the money be raised by Liberians.  The award of this grant greatly encouraged Pastor Moses Paye and the ICM staff to push toward project completion.

To date, the foundation has been laid, and the four walls of the new building are up. No final date has been for opening the new sanctuary.  We'll update our readers as we learn more about this exciting project!

-Clip Kniffin

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