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Dear Friend of ELWA:

Liberians will forever remember 2014 as the year of Ebola. Thousands died, families were torn apart, children were orphaned, the economy was paralyzed, schools closed, and a palpable fear gripped the country every day. But in the midst of the tragedy, God was there. We saw Him at ELWA Hospital in the faces of the heroic doctors and nurses. We heard Him in the daily prayers lifted up by the many friends of Liberia.  We felt Him in your overwhelming response to our appeals for help in fighting the Ebola epidemic.

Through your generosity last year, ELWA Ministries USA replaced the main generator on the ELWA compound, installed a critical new water pump and filtration system, shipped almost 600,000 healthy meals to feed starving Liberian children, and continually replenished vital medical supplies at ELWA Hospital. The total cost of these projects approached $100,000; none of them anticipated or budgeted. And yet, God worked through His people to make them happen. 

The fury of the Ebola crisis has passed.  ELWA Hospital, which never closed during the entire epidemic, released its 500th Ebola-free patient in April.  The struggle, however, continues with another small outbreak that has been contained. widespread PTSD, loss of jobs and bread winners. The challenges facing Liberia this year will be great. But we serve a great God who has always been faithful in guiding our efforts. So we bring our requests to you, whose hearts are open to the least fortunate among us.  Right now, Liberia's most pressing needs include funds to educate its young students, a sustainable source of healthy food for its children, and the many sanitation projects whose completion is long overdue. The specifics of these needs are provided below.

Please prayerfully consider a gift to ease the severe hardships in post-Ebola Liberia. May our work together reflect God’s goodness toward a struggling nation and its resilient people.  Thank you for your past faithfulness and your future generosity.  God bless you.

Serving in Missions, 
The ELWA Ministries Board of Directors

Clip Kniffin    Judy Koci    Nancy Molenhouse    Perry Moore    Tom Odishoo    Dan Snyder    Bill & Betty Thompson    Les Unruh

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