EMA Project Updates

1) Scholarships for Liberian Students
Schools across Liberia reopened in March, but many students did not return. Their families have been driven into survival mode by the death of a breadwinner or the soaring unemployment. ELWA Ministries usually provides scholarships for 55 ELWA Academy students each year. This year we have committed to full tuition support to help 400 more students who would not otherwise attend any school. These children attend the Evangelical Churches of Liberia (ECOL) schools. We learned that the schools would have to close this year without tuition support. ELWA Ministries has committed without funds, but with lots of faith. We need your help.
Need: $40,000

2) Sustained Food Supply
The entire 2014 planting season in Liberia was stopped by Ebola, and food remains a constant need. ELWA Ministries has the opportunity to provide food to thousands of undernourished children and adults through our partner, “Feed My Starving Children”.  FMSC supplies us with healthy meals free-of-charge. ELWA Ministries is responsible for the cost of the shipping and the distribution of the food. The shipping cost for a 40’ container of food (272,000 meals) is $15,000. We have petitioned FMSC for two containers of food over the next six months. 
Need: $30,000
3) Susie Guenter Orphanage & School
The Susie Guenter Orphanage and school were built in the 1960's, by Jefferson Zeon, who was mentored by Abe Guenter, a pilot for Mid Missions.  It currently house 32 orphaned Liberian children and the school educates 200 local children. Unfortunately, limited funding over the decades and the 14-year civil war that devastated Liberia has left the orphanage and school in a serious state of disrepair.

Our goal is to address two basic needs: sanitary bathrooms and a stable food source for the orphans. The Liberia Department of Education has directed the staff at Susie Guenter to install six new toilets and a proper waste control system in order to keep the school and orphanage open. We have approximately six months to complete this work. 
Need: $9,500 

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