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Alan Shea has just returned from Liberia after a three week stay, installing the new water system, and other projects.  His wife Cheri reports:  "Alan came home really tired but very happy with what the team accomplished.  Two of the three containerized water treatment systems are completely installed and can produce over 70,000 gallons of potable water (disinfected & chlorinated) per day. ELWA hasn't had potable water since 1990.

In addition, Alan managed to get a backup of the office computers done (which hadn't been done since we left spring of last year!) and work on the never ending generator issues.... Some of which weren't resolved even as he went to pack 30 minutes before leaving for the airport...

 * Generator trouble! - on its way to have the exciter rewound
* Alan working on the control panel for water treatment container #3
* The old 5000 gallon water pressure/reservoir tank exploded one night a few months ago; the rusted end blew off and shot the tank 5 or 6 feet off its supports! Thankfully, its no longer needed now!
* Water, water! Yield testing the new deep well by the ELWA Hospital Pharmacy. (25-30 gallons per minute for over 6 hours)

Alan and Cheri still lack monthly support, so that Alan can return to ELWA full time.  As you can tell, his expertise is desperately needed!  In addition, the new ELWA Radio Studio facility needs completion.If you would like to support the Sheas, you can make a donation online through SIM at

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