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Last month we lost an ELWA brother, Dan Snyder.  Dan became sick on Sunday, July 17th, was hospitalized that evening and passed away Wednesday, July 20th of sepsis.  Over 50 ELWA brothers and sisters joined the Snyder family in Greenville, SC on Saturday, July 23rd, for a beautiful service celebrating Dan's life.

Dan's mom, Evelyn, was a single missionary to Nigeria where she met Dan's father, Al Snyder, who was a single missionary at ELWA on vacation in Jos.  Theirs was the first ELWA wedding, and was held at the Centennial Pavilion in Monrovia.  Very young MK's Jim Reed, David Jones and Nancy Molenhouse were part of the bridal party at the Snyder's wedding.

Dan was born in Jos, Nigeria before the days of the ELWA Hospital.  He graduated from Liberty University and after many years in the corporate world, became a train engineer for Norfolk Southern. 

Dan Snyder was an ELWA MK and a valued member of the EMAUSA board.  He loved Liberia, and was one of the first to return to ELWA after the war. He never met a stranger, and was always looking for opportunities not only serve Liberia, but to take others with him so that they would catch his vision as well, starting with bringing his son Mason and daughter Sterling to see his homeland.  He brought David Frazee, John Schindler, Annette de la Hay Cooper, and other MKs back to ELWA, and reconnected with Youth For Christ in Liberia, continuing the work that his father Al Snyder began.

In 2006, he organized an event in Atlanta with newly elected President Sirleaf and her son Robert. He organized a series of youth rallies and connected with former war lord, Joshua Milton Blahyi.  On another trip, he brought his brother Steve, an attorney, and arranged opportunities for him to speak before the Liberian legislature, as well as other government officials. He also brought pastors to do pastoral training, organized a series of youth rallies, even speaking to former child soldiers.  He was part of the MK contingent at the Franklin Graham Festival in Liberia in 2011.  Our loss is profound, and we as ELWA MK's want to create a fitting tribute to Danny.

Dan is survived by his wife Dawn, his children Mason and Sterling, his mom Evelyn and Dad Al, and his brother Steve, a well known Christian attorney in Greenville, SC, who does ministry with MK's and continues to be the special speaker at Hillcrest student retreats.

One of Danny's lasting desires, as well as that of EMAUSA board, was to rehab the Guest House (formerly the de la Haye house and the Ackley house), which is currently closed.  Through the years, this remain a center of community outreach and fellowship, and many came to know the Lord through the hospitality ministry. 

In addition, as a new ELWA Hospital, new ELWA High School, and new ELWA Radio Studio are being built, the need for temporary housing is increasing.

The ELWA MK's along with the EMAUSA board have set up a Dan Snyder Memorial Fund to finish renovations on the ELWA guesthouse.  We would love for you to join us in remembering Dan in this very special project that he held so dear. It is estimated that it will take $135,000 to complete the plumbing and electrical in the aging house.  Donations may be sent to:  EMAUSA  PO Box 1, Warrenville, IL 60555, with a separate note designating the "Dan Snyder Memorial", or through paypal at www.

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