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News and updates from the Sheas...Last June Alan and the water team installed two of the containers. Since they arrived in February, Alan has added water and electric meters to the first two containers and spent a lot of time installing the third. Now that it's up and running, the whole campus (hospital, clinic, radio, academy, and over 60 residences) has a strong, steady supply of water. These systems mark the first time ELWA has had potable water since the war, and container two is supplying an unbelievable one million gallons a month!

Alan is thankful for the assistance he has had from several short term missionaries and ELWA staff, who are now taking over daily operation. We are also praising the Lord that the ELWA Radio tower does not need to be replaced yet. Several careful inspections of the 50 year-old 350 ft. tower suggest that the worst of the rust-damaged areas can be replaced or repaired. We are waiting for a quote on the job from one of the local tower groups. Once it's repaired, the tower can be grounded before lightning season starts (a job that got interrupted several years ago...).

Another item of thanks is that, with only a few hiccups here and there, the generators are working well, and the equipment has arrived for connecting the new hospital to the ELWA power system. No word yet on when that will take place...

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