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ELWA Hospital has continued caring for the community's medical needs despite its many challenges.  The hospital was built in1964 by Dr. Robert Schindler, and continued operation throughout much of the civil war.  Time and war have taken its toll on the facility, and Samaritan's Purse is building a new100 bed teaching ELWA Hospital, due to be completed in 2015.  The old ELWA Hospital continues operating, and the following is a report from January 2012.

Number of Patients (in-patient and out-patient)
In-patients – 170 for January 2012 but number varies from month to month
Out-patient – 2887 for January 2012 but number varies from month to month
Emergency Room – 486 for January 2012  includes 79 cases of malaria but number varies from month to month
Doctor Office (By appointments) – 41 for January 2012 but number varies from month to month
Obstetrics (OB) – 77 for January 2012  but number of  delivers  varies from month to month   
Number of Operations:
Number of Surgeries – 25 for January 2012 but number  varies from month to month
Number of Converts:
A total of 21 persons accepted Christ as Lord in 2011 through the ELWA Hospital Chaplaincy Ministry.   
Number of Staff
Doctors –3 (three)  full time and 3 (three)  part time
Nurses –20 (Twenty)
Physician Assistants – 2 (Two)

Others  - 85 (eighty-five) which includes 18 support and administrative staff, 2 Christian counselors, 7 OB aides, 9 midwives, 4 OR Technicians, 1 X-ray technician, 1 pharmacist, 4 dispensers, 9 dental staff, excluding 1 dentist and 1 dental hygienist who are volunteers,  18 nurses aides, 5 Lab technicians and 2 Lab aides       

Personnel Needs
Doctors:  Surgeons, obstetricians/gynecologist  and family doctor to augment the present staff
Physician Assistants  
Training Needs - needs trainer to provide training in the following areas:  
X-ray Technology
Patient care
Equipment Needs

Operating Room (OR) Instruments – delivery and circumcision sets, surgical instruments, incubator, suction machine, BP cuffs (both manual and electronic – all sizes)
Microscope with slides and cover glass
Hematocrite centrifuge
Analytical centrifuge
Heat block
RPR/VDRL Rotator
Chemistry Analyzer
Blood bank
Hb meter
Lead electrocardiograph { EKG Machine) with sheets and sticky pads
Test tube rack.
ESA stand { Sed rate stand}
Triple bean balance
Hematology Analyzer {Symex hematology analyzer}
Sed rate tubes
CD4 machine ( Pima ) with reagents
Blood glucose machine with strips
Slide rack
WBC counting chamber
Auto clave
Water bath
Mixer ( Reagent mixer }
Water purifier
Needs [Pharmacy:  drugs, medical supplies & equipment]:
Computers & printers – to prepare  reports for Montserrado County Health Team (HIV, TB, Malaria,  mosquito nets, etc) and to also monthly inventory reports.
Photo copier – to copy printout of reports for management use and for reference purposes.
Vicryl #1, #2 and #3 with needle
Examination gloves –large and medium
Surgical gloves – large and medium
Delivery gloves – large and medium
Azithromycin tabs
Lapper gauze
Gauze 90 x 91 mm
Tongue blade
Silver Sulfadiazine Cream
Azithromycin suspension
Feeding tube – 8 fr, 16 fr, 12 fr and 1 8fr
Stomach tube – ch18, ch8, ch10 and ch16
Spinal needle 22g, 25g
Autoclave tape
Multi Vitamin
Mebendazole 100mg
Urine test stripes
Cotton wool
Colostomy bag
Bulb syringe
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