Current & Future Building and Maintenance Projects

Construction  of Single Entry Archives at the ELWA Hospital about to start
Repair of  residential building septic/drainage  systems  and faucets (future)
Rewiring of residential buildings  (future)
Refurbish  Generator #4 and rebuild (Future)
Replace well #3 pump  (Future)
Bring well #4 online with complete rebuild (future)
Complete painting of Existing ELWA Hospital
Repair and replace asbestos roof with aluminum sheets 

Equipment Needs
  •  Pickup to transport workers and materials to work site [ lack of transportation has contributed to the delay of many projects]
  •  Portable welding machine
  •  Tractor to mow the grass on the field around the 137 acres compound.
ELWA Security

Status of Security Wall -  The north end of the wall is 100 percent complete, east end 75 percent complete and the west end is 0 percent and of course the south end is the Atlantic Ocean.  Forty percent of funding to finish up the security wall is on hand but 60 percent is needed for completion. 

Number of Security Guards - 15 full time staff and 35 casual staff

Training Needs

Electricity, plumbing and administrative trainings are needed to build capacity and to upgrade the skills of the current staff members. 

Security Equipment & Material Needs
  • Spotlights to beef up night time security patrol  (4 pcs)
  • Hand held radios and cellular phones for communication
  • Vehicle and motorbike for patrol and other operations
  • Uniforms for identification purposes (which includes trousers, shirts, caps with “ELWA Security” on it badges with ELWA Logo) and if feasible boots.
  • Batons and handcuffs  to subdue and put criminal under control
  • Motion sensor lights and alarm systems to be install in strategic locations such as the ELWA Clinic (OPD), pharmacy, antenna field, etc.


Central Administration

Personnel Needs:

  • Administrative and Financial Training Consultants - to help provide mentorship, counsel and direction and to also help provide exposures and hands on experience in managerial, administrative and personnel management skills and also financial management & controls.

Training Needs:

  • Accounting, personnel and managerial training - to upgrade the skills of the current staff so as be able to perform within their scope of authority.
  • Excel workshops - to equip and impact skills that will help to simplify reports (analytical, statistical and graphic) and for data base management.
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning Workshops - to define the strategic direction for the ELWA Ministries and to set standards for measuring performance.
  • Software - Peachtree Accounting Program

Equipment, Materials & Office Supplies Needs:

  • Digital Camera - to take photos for the ELWA and EMA/USA websites, prayer letters and news updates
  • Power point Presentations Projector - to make presentations at staff meetings, seminars, workshops & training teaching sessions and promotion purposes in churches, etc.
  • Assortment of office Supplies - pens, desk trays, paper clips, writing pads, staple pins, stick on pads, etc
  • Office Furniture, etc - file cabinets, office desks & chairs, cafeteria and conference room chairs, etc.
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